Je m’en fous is a proud Italian brand founded in 2009 which came to life thanks to Giulia Zoppas’ creativity and passion.

The very name of the brand reveals its philosophy: “I couldn’t care less about the mania for logos”, instead the brand’s aim is love for outfits designed with care that are recognizable but without visible labels. The label is not “yelled” but discovered by girls and women who seek a sophisticated, irreverent and bubbly elegance and who like to mix pieces and accessories to make their unique look. It is a philosophy that recalls the French style, where the star is simplicity: a mixture of simple items, almost sewn onto the body, which flirt with the sartorial style as far as the choice of fabrics and the silhouettes.

However, the pieces are also versatile and can be mixed and matched to be worn in different occasions and in any weather and they are also easy to transform into evening-wear by changing accessories and by a touch of lipstick. The allure of the Je m’en fous collections lies in the “nonchalance à la parisienne” with which the lines of the pieces are realised. The items are bright and with pure colours, enhanced by hippy-chic and sexy details and are lit up with ethnic or indie touches that grant an innate and never constructed elegance, a beauty where the winning “je ne sais quoi” is in a smile, in a joyful and relaxed attitude towards style and life.

The designer dresses the collections with colours and feminine touches such as ruches, flowers and drapings, which have won over countless celebrities: Katy Saunders, Bianca Brandolini d’Adda, Nicoletta Romanoff, Diane Fleri, Ilary Blasi, Bar Refaeli, Alessia Marcuzzi and Barbara Berlusconi, along with many others that have shown off Je m’en fous ‘ looks on beaches and in the streets.